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Crabapple Trees


We have reduced our inventory on crabapple trees for 2016 though we have maintained our more popular varieties. If there is a certain variety that you desire and don't see listed below, please give us a call. We can usually locate it for you if inquired early enough in the season.

All crabapple and fruit trees are offered as bareroot stock. Generally they average 4-6' tall and are branched, which reflects the quality of all of our fruit trees.

All crabapple and fruit trees will be offered as bareroot stock.

Adirondack Crabapple: (Malus ‘Adirondack’) Zone 4-8. Highly rated for disease resistance. Dark carmine buds are evident for weeks before opening into large pink edged white blossoms. Fruit is persistant.

Zone: 4-8     Size: 4-5'    Price Each: $ 32.00

Camelot Crabapple: (Malus ‘Camzam’) Finally, a DWARF CRABAPPLE for that confined space in your yard. This is an attractive global shaped tree growing only 10 ft. tall and 8 ft. wide. It has a compact form and thick leathery leaves with a burgundy overcast. Flowers open from red buds to blooms of fuchsia pink on white to be followed by 3/8” rich burgundy persistent fruit. Excellent disease resistance.

Zone: 4-7     Size: 4-5'     Price Each: $ 28.00

Chestnut Crabapple: A vigorous, hardy crabapple that makes pleasant "chestnut" flavored jam. Large 2" reddish yellow fruit. Often used as a disease resistant pollinator for apples. Produces large white flowers in spring, growing to a height of 20 feet.

Zone: 4-8     Size: 4-5'     Price Each: $28.00

Dolgo Crabapple: (Malus 'Dolgo') A very large tree growing 35-40’ tall with a spread of 25-30’. Blooms early with a white 2" flower and produces 1.5” brilliant crimson fruit ripening in late summer. Fruit makes wonderful jelly of fine flavor and color. An excellent producer, this is another good selection for dear plots.

Zone: 2-7     Size: 4-5'     Price Each: $32.00

Donald Wyman Crabapple: (Malus 'Donald Wyman') A highly rated 20' disease resistant crab with a rounded shape as wide as tall.  Beautiful white flowers followed by red 3/8" persistent fruit into late fall and winter.

Zone: 4-7     Size: 4-5'     Price Each: $32.00

Indian Summer : (Malus ‘Indian Summer’) Zone 4-7. Growing 15-20’ tall with equal spread, rose red flowers load the tree in spring, followed by bright red 3/4" fruit. A global shaped tree with lush green foliage, it offers shade to confined areas and year around beauty. Excellent disease resistance.

Zone: 4-7     Size: 4-5'     Price Each: $28.00

Prairie fire Crabapple: (Malus 'Prairie fire') A beautiful 15-20' crab which bloom slater than most crabapple with a true red flower followed by fruit that does not drop. Very disease resistant, voted Iowa's Tree of the Year in 1996.

Zone: 4-7     Size: 4-5'     Price Each: $ 32.00

Purple Prince Crabapple: (Malus ‘Purple Prince’) Zone 4-7. This is the best purple leaf crabapples for grower having outstanding rose-red blossoms and persistent maroon fruit. Excellent resistance to scab, fire blight, and cedar rust.

Zone: 4-7     Size: 4-5'     Price Each: $ 38.00

Radiant Crabapple: (Malus 'Radiant') Single, deep pink flowers appear in spring, followed by small bright red fruit 1/2" in diameter. Attractive reddish-purple turns to green with age.

Zone: 3-8     Size: 4-5'     Price Each: $ 32.00

Red Jewel Crabapple: (Malus 'Jewelcole') An American Cole introduction, this beautiful red-fruited, white-flowered crab offers year around interest in the landscape. Grows 15' tall with 12' spread with dark green foliage. After freezing, the cherry red fruit shrivels and darkens, but hangs on the tree until February or March providing food for birds and wildlife.

Zone: 4-7     Size: 4-5'    Price Each: $ 32.00

Red Splendor Crabapple: (Malus 'Red Splendor') A no litter problem from small fruit as fruit never falls off tree. Reddish-green glossy foliage. Grows 20-25" with a spread of 20'. Beautiful pink blossoms in spring with bright red fruit.

Zone: 3-7     Size: 4-5'    Price Each: $ 32.00

Rejoice Crabapple: Malus ‘Rejzam’) Zone 4-8. This low maintenance tree holds its natural symmetrical form. Attractive dark green foliage with a rich burgundy overcast having Semi-double pink flowers in spring.

Zone: 3-7    Size: 5-6'    Price Each: $ 28.00

Showtime Crabapple: (Malus ‘Shotizam’) Zone 3-6. Vivid fuchsia-pink flowers are abundantly produced in spring and boldly stands out against the dark green with reddish overtone foliage. ½” cherry red fruit fallows.

Zone: 3-7    Size: 5-6'    Price Each: $ 28.00

Snowdrift Crabapple: (Malus 'Snowdrift'), An outstanding white flowering crab, heavy textured, glossy green foliage. Very hardy, low maintenance. Excellent for street planting because of its lovely white blossoms with pink buds. Grows 15-20' and spreads to 20-25'.

Zone: 3-7    Size: 5-6'    Price Each: $ 39.00

Spring Snow Crabapple: Malus'Spring Snow')Zone 4-7. This is The Only Fruitless Crabapple that we know of. It is a Canadian introduction that is completely covered with pink buds that open to fragrant large white blooms in spring. It has bright green, shiny foliage and has good heat tolerance. Grow 25-30 ft. tall, 15 ft. spread'.

Zone: 3-7    Size: 5-6'    Price Each: $ 26.00

Thunderchild Crabapple: (Malus 'Thunderchild') Zone 3-7. This compact, upright spreader has pink flowers before purple leaves form. Resistant to fire Blight.

Zone: 4-7     Size: 5-6'    Price Each: $ SOLD OUT

Whitney Crabapple: (Malus 'Whitney') An old time favorite producing 1 1/2" apples for eating or pickling. Excellent used for apple butter or spiced apples. Hardy, vigorous, heavy bearing tree. Short storage life.

Zone: 3-7     Size: 4-5'     Price Each: $ 28.00


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