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We have completed our Spring 2014 bareroot shipping season. We have had a phenomenal season, and wish to thank all those that ordered from us for your patronage.

All email inquiries will be responded to as fast as possible, and for faster service we strongly advise you call our TOLL FREE number @ 1-888-803-8733.

If you are in the Midwestern Wisconsin area please feel free to stop by our retail location in Neillsville, WI. We are just a short drive from the Eau Claire/Black River Falls/Marshfield area and about 2 hours from Minneapolis, MN.

Also, we are now taking pre-orders for Fall 2014 & Spring 2015, so if you missed getting your trees this year you can guarantee you will get them next year by ordering now!

Grape Plants for sale


Priced At $ 9.50 each EXCEPT for the following:

Frontenac, Frontenac Gris, Marquette, Somerset & St. Theresa are $ 11.50 Each

Beta - Zone 3-7, Another hearty grape for Northern climates, this Blue-black grape is excellent for juice or jelly. Vigorous grower.

Bluebell - Zone 4-8. Resembles Concord in size and color but has more tender skin and greater hardiness. Very good table quality, excellent sub for Concord in the North.

Canadice - A popular red grape to east coast growers, Candice is a very good quality grape for wine and fresh eating. Vines produce large compact clusters of fruit ripening two weeks earlier than Concord.

Concord - Zone 4-8, Blue-black, excellent for eating. Medium to large clusters. Berry size is medium to large. This has always been a favorite of wine makers.

Concord Seedless - Zone 5-8, Blue fruit resembles Concord in color and flavor but the clusters and berries are smaller. Berries are seedless. Excellent for pies, jams and jellies. 

Edelweiss - Zone 4-8, Greenish-white with high sugar content. Dessert and wine grape. Good flavor and quality.

Frontenac - SOLD OUT - Zone 4-8. A red wine grape developed by the U. of Minn., is very hardy to -30F. Produces excellent quality grapes, is a vigorous grower with good disease resistance to downy and powdery mildew.

Frontenac Gris - Zone 4-8. A white form of ‘Frontenac’, coppery colored grapes have an aroma of peach and apricot. This Muscat-like grape is desirable for white wine making, fresh eating and desserts. Excellent disease resistance. A university of MN introduction.

Himrod - Zone 5-8. This is a high quality white grape that ripens to yellow-gold in color. Ripening a month earlier than ‘Concord’, it is excellent for fresh eating, deserts and wine making. One of the hardiest of white grapes.

Kay Gray - Zone 4-8. This is a fine hardy white grape suited for table use and wine making. They are extremely sweet, grapes are medium to large, vines are very productive.

Marquette - Zone 4-8. This is an exceptional red grape that combines cold hardiness and disease resistance for the production of excellent grape. Tasters note an attractive deep red color with a desirable aroma of cherry and spice. Great for northern growers.

Reliance Seedless - SOLD OUT - Zone 5-8. A red, seedless table grape of high quality. Fruit is exceptionally suited for fresh eating and juice. Vines require annual pruning, adequate fertility and maximum sunlight.

Somerset Seedless - SOLD OUT - Zone 4-8. A beautiful red seedless grape developed in Wisconsin. Berries have a great strawberry like flavor and are edible at the pink stage in late August, but aquires a much sweeter taste when fully ripe. Fruit is small to medium in size, growing in compact clusters.quite disease resistant.

St. Theresa Seedless - Zone 4-8. Another new variety born and bred in Wisconsin. This purple slip skinnned grape has excellent flavor and serves as an early table grape. Plants provide an abundance of high qulaity fruit and are grow wonderfully on arbors.

Swenson Red - Zone 4-8, Red, with high sugar content. A large round grape with crisp yet tender texture. Hardy to 30 degrees below zero.

Valiant Blue - Zone 3-6, Blue grape exceeds Beta in flavor, quality and hardiness. Matures earlier, is vine productive and bears annually. Round fruit up to 1/2" in diameter.

Wordon - Zone 4-8, A blue-black New York grape similar to Concord. However, fruit is larger, of higher quality and ripens about two weeks earlier than Concord. Vigorous and hardy vines produce exceptional grapes for wine, juice, and eating.

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