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We have completed our Spring 2014 bareroot shipping season. We have had a phenomenal season, and wish to thank all those that ordered from us for your patronage.

All email inquiries will be responded to as fast as possible, and for faster service we strongly advise you call our TOLL FREE number @ 1-888-803-8733.

If you are in the Midwestern Wisconsin area please feel free to stop by our retail location in Neillsville, WI. We are just a short drive from the Eau Claire/Black River Falls/Marshfield area and about 2 hours from Minneapolis, MN.

Also, we are now taking pre-orders for Fall 2014 & Spring 2015, so if you missed getting your trees this year you can guarantee you will get them next year by ordering now!

Pear Trees for sale

We are again offering a wide variety of pear trees. Tree sizes will be 1/2" diameter, 4 ft. tall or better. Compare the size and price of our trees to the competition.
All fruit trees will be available for delivery as bare root stock.

PLEASE NOTE: Pear Trees require 2 trees for proper pollination.

With the ever growing popularity of the Apple Deer Plots, and many customers asking ( WHAT ABOUT PEARS? )We now have added Pear Plot Collections to our venue this year. Our Collections include 4 or 6 trees, That ripen in succession from August through October. All trees will be Semi-Dwarf, and average 3-5' tall. Deer Love These Too!

We are offering a 4 Tree Collection @ $ 96.00 Each and a 6 Tree Collection @ $ 144.00 Each - That's only $ 24.00 Per Tree.

RED BARTLETT - Zone 5-9. Bartlett parentage developed in Australia. Similar to Bartlett but the skin has a dark red blush. Large fruit, highly flavored and juicy. Fruit ripens in late August. Pick before fully ripened.

BARTLETT - Zone 5-9. An old time favorite originating from England. Trees produce large fruit that is highly flavored, juicy and delivately flavored. Excellent for fresh eating or canning. Ripesn in September. Vigourous grower and bears young..

BOSC- An old time French variety with large russeted fruit. Bosc has smooth texture that is tender and juicy. Ripens in Octobber. Bartlett in a good pollinator.

RED CLAPPS - Zone 4-8. Red Clapps is a cold hardy tree that produces large early season lemon yellow pears with red cheeks. An annual bearer, fruit is fine textured, juicy and delicately flavored. Excellent eating right off the tree.
Price: $ 26.00 Semi dwarf

COMICE - Zone 2-8. An extremely cold hardy variety grown commercially in Canada. Pears are medium in size with a golden color. This dessert pear is sweet and juicy with a luscious flavor.
Price: $ 26.00 Semi dwarf

EARLY GOLD - Zone 2-7. This is an Iron Clad Cold Hardy pear that will produce almost to the arctic circle. An inproved seedling of 'Ure'pear, it has improved vigor and clorosis resistance. Abundant white flowers in spring produce yellow medium size fruit for picking and eating in early August. Foliage is an attractive glossy green. Trees available are Semi-Dwarf growing only to 15 ft. tall .
Price: $ SOLD OUT

GOLDEN SPICE - Zone 3-7. This is a cold hardy pear that will produce 1.75" fruit, which is medium yellow with light red blush. Excellent for canning, coooking or for making spiced pears. Fair for fresh eating. We recommend using "Ure" as a pollinator..
Price: $ 26.00 Semi dwarf

GOURMET -Zone 4-8. A South Dakota introduction, trees are hardy and grow upright to 15-20 ft. tall. Fruit is green-yellow in color and medium in size with thick but tender skin. Flesh is yellowish, sweet, crisp and juicy making it an excellent dessert pear. Fruit matures the 3rd week of September in Brookings S.D. Trees are pollen-sterile and can not be used to pollinate other trees.
Price: $ 26.00 semi dwarf

HOSUI ASIAN PEAR - Zone 4-7. Shape of Asian Pears is usually round. The fruit of Hosui is attractive with a golden russeted skin. The flesh is firm and juicy with a mildly sweet flavor of good quality. Pollinates well with regular pears. Semi-Dwarf only on OHxF 87 rootstock.

LUSCIOUS - Zones 4-8. A product of South Dakota, fruit is juicy, sweet, medium to small and bright yellow. Ripens mid September. Excellent dessert pear for the Northern Great Plains. Trees have good disease resistance.
Price: $ 26.00 Semi dwarf

NIJIESEIKI ASIAN PEAR - Zone 4-7. Shape is generally round and fruit is medium to large in size. Skin is very smooth and flush is creamy white, juicy and aromatic. Trees are upright and productive, pollinating well with regular pears. Standard only on OHxF 97 root stock.
Price: $ 26.00 Semi dwarf

PARKER - Zone 4-8. An introduction of the University of Minnesota in 1934, it is an open pollinated seedling of Manchurian pear. Produces large, yellow-bronze fruit that is fine grained, tender and juicy. Upright and vigorous, it is an excellent pollinator for Luscious.
Price: $ 26.00 semi dwarf

PATTEN - Zone 4-8. Patten is one of the best pollinators for most other pear trees. Trees also produce fruit of very good size and quality, tender and juicy.
Price: $ SOLD OUT

SECKEL - Zone 4-8. 'Seckel has a small russet colored fruit with a sweet and spicy flavor. Excellent flavor for eating and with firm flesh is well suited for canning and cooking. Fruit ripens in late August into September. Trees offered are Semi-Dwarf growing only to 15 ft. and are blight resistant. The beautiful display of white flowers in spring is a bonus.

SUMMERCRISP - Zone 4-8. Fruit is medium size, yellow in color with white, juicy flesh. Ripens in late August. A good selection for canning or eating fresh. Tree is upright and vigorous, Fireblight resistant.
Price: $ 27.00 semi dwarf

URE- Zone 3-7. Fruit is green-yellow, very juicy and about 2" in diameter. Ripens in mid-August and is good for eating. A good pollinator for 'Early Gold', trees have sturdy branching grow only to 15 ft. tall.
Price: $ SOLD OUT

All stock will be Reserved and Shipped on a First Come - First Served basis.

"BIG" Pear Trees

Following are PEAR TREES we have available that are " TOO BIG TO SHIP ". They must be picked up at our Distribution Centers or in Neillsville. Descriptions are above.
All varieties will be 5to 7ft. tall and are priced at $ 37.00 Each


Note: Some varieties are available in XXL @ $ 43.00 Each

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