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Please note we are very busy shipping Sping 2015 orders and have now considered our Spring bareroot inventory to be sold out.
So even if there is not a SOLD OUT indication next to the item listed, please consider it so.
If you wish to inquire about ordering for Fall 2015 or Spring 2016 please do so. As always, we thank you for your patronage.

Raspberry Plants for sale

All 1 yr. Old #1 Canes

All Red Raspberries
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Boyne Red Raspberry: Zone 3-8. A Canadian development in 1960, Boyne is a medium to large red fruit with aromatic flavor. Vigorous, evect and sturdy canes are very productive and hardy. Excellent berry for canning, freezing and dessert.

Caroline Red Raspberry: Zone 4-8. This Fall Bearing raspberry produces huge, very sweet, firm fruit. Caroline ripens before Heritage and is very productive. Vigorous growth, disease resistance and superb quality make it a great choice for home or commercial growing.

Heritage Red Raspberry: Zone 4-8. An everbearing variety with vigorous upright canes. Produces large, firm, bright red berries. Good quality and flavor. First fruit mid-July, second crop early September.

Latham Red Raspberry: - Zone 3-8. Unsurpassed in vigor and hardiness. Produces good sized berries over long period. Excellent flavor for pies, jam, jelly and dessert. It is grown for both home and commercial use.

All Other Raspberries
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Black Hawk Black Raspberry: Zone 3-8. Best all purpose black raspberry, the best choice for canning.  Disease resistant and produces large, firm ebony berries that hold their shape.  This berry has been successfully grown in Canada. 

Brandywine Raspberry: - Zone 4-8. A hybrid cross of black and red raspberry, producing a large rich full flavored purple fruit. High quality, insect resistant, hardy, and very adaptable. Unsurpassed for jam, jelly, and pies. Ripens mid-season.    

Bristol Black Raspberry: - Zone 4-8. A 1934 New York introduction, fruit is large with attractive glossy skin. Excellent quality, flavor and ripens mid season. Canes are hardy and vigorous, berries are great for pies, jam or jelly or simply eating fresh. 

Fall Gold Raspberry: Zone 4-9. Very prolific. Produces two crops, one in July, the second in September. Large golden berries are sweet as honey and very juicy. Excellent for desserts, jam and jelly.

'Mac Black' Black Raspberry: Zone 3-8. Another cold hardy selection for our northern customers. ‘Mac Black’ is a late producer of medium to large berries of very good quality and flavor. Late ripening extends the picking season for black caps.


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