strawberry plants for sale

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Please note we are very busy shipping Sping 2015 orders and have now considered our Spring bareroot inventory to be sold out.
So even if there is not a SOLD OUT indication next to the item listed, please consider it so.
If you wish to inquire about ordering for Fall 2015 or Spring 2016 please do so. As always, we thank you for your patronage.

Strawberry Plants for sale

Once again, we have selected varieties that prove to be of exceptional quality and very productive. We hope you agree.

Prices are streamlined as follows for all varieties:
"Price Per": 25 Each: $ 9.75, 50 Each: $ 18.00, 100 Each: $32.00

Albion:  Zone 4-8. This everbearing/day-neutral strawberry was developed in California and is popular with organic and greenhouse grower because of it's disease resistance. Berries are large, of very good flavor and excellent for processing.

Allstar:  Zone 3-8. This mid-season strawberry produces large delicious tasting berries that are excellent for home use and processing. It is becoming a good u-pick variety and has excellent disease resistance.

EarliglowMany consider this variety to be the best flavored berry of all.  It is the earliest producing with size decreasing as the season progresses.  Widely planted in the Midwest and Northeast due to its fantastic flavor.

Honeoye: - This June bearer is considered by many as the best tasting strawberries ever produced.  Heavy yield of conical shaped, firm, juicy berries of good size.  Excellent disease resistance and self pollinating.

JewelZone 4-8. In today’s strawberry industry, Jewel appears to be the best All Around variety. Good for u-pick, shipping and longer season yields. Produces large, firm, wedge shaped fruit of excellent color and quality. A must for all serious growers.

Ozark BeautyPerhaps the finest of ev.erberring strawberries. Produces large, uniform berries with honeysweet flavor. Rich red color throughout. Excellent for fresh eating, freezing and desserts of all types.

SurecropThis strawberry lives up to its name.  A favorite with home gardeners because of it's vigorous growth habits make it easy to grow and produces good crops in almost any type soil.  Good firm solid fruit make it excellent for fresh eating or the freezer


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